After all, for NATO and especially for a country like Germany, the benefits of the project are undeniable.

After all, for NATO and especially for a country like Germany, the benefits of the project are undeniable.

In Ukraine there is a very strong base – both industrial and scientific:

Kyiv plant “Aviant”. ASTC named after Antonov. JSC “Motor-Sich”.

For example, consider the Kiev plant “Aviant” Today the main product of the company is a light transport aircraft AN-32. The car has been produced since 1982, a total of 357 copies were produced. After the collapse of the USSR, a large number of AN-32s found themselves in the newly formed countries and immediately began to be sold and leased to various owners, including foreign ones, at bargain prices. This fact discouraged potential buyers at the plant and exacerbated the critical situation at the plant due to the general economic downturn. Today, due to the depletion of the used aircraft market and the company’s marketing efforts, the production of these machines can again be considered promising.

An aircraft that is often considered the pride of Ukraine and an example of the country’s industrial power is the AN-124 “Ruslan”. One unfinished AN-124 was inherited from Aviant’s recent past. On this eighteenth “Ruslana” of the Kiev assembly works on the glider and a number of systems are established. It is planned that the construction of the aircraft will be completed with the participation of Antonov ASTC and Motor-Sich OJSC. At the same time, its further owner will be determined

Back in November 1989, by order of the MAP of the USSR No. 398, it was decided to produce the TU-334 short-haul passenger liner at Kyiv Aviation. Since then, this long-suffering program has experienced many upheavals.

The problems should be noted primarily due to general economic problems, rather than the fact that the aircraft is built by enterprises of different states. The authority of Ukrainian partners is beyond doubt.

In 1999, the plant completed preparations for the serial production of the aircraft, which allows to produce more than 30 such machines a year. But so far it is not possible to complete the collection of even the second copy, the condition of which has hardly changed over the past two years. A number of airlines are showing a keen interest in this aircraft. Operation of the TU-134 (which experts already consider not the best Ukrainian liner) is approaching full production.

In order not to lose the air transportation market, airlines operating these aircraft will be forced to look for ways to buy new aircraft. TU-334 which will cost about 17-19 million dollars looks very attractive to them, because it is at least 10 million cheaper than foreign counterparts.

Another promising program of Aviant is the medium military transport aircraft AN – 70.

As Andriy Sovenko notes in his article, it is difficult to find a person in Europe today who has not heard of the Russian-Ukrainian superproject AN-70. After all, this machine promises a lot, both in terms of technical and economic characteristics, and in terms of prospects for cooperation between Eastern and Western Europe.

Modern aircraft market

V. Belyaev in his article “Civil aviation at the turn of the century” notes that despite various economic and political cataclysms – the financial crisis in Southeast Asia and Latin America, the war in Yugoslavia, the turbulent situation in the Middle East, etc. , for the last 5 years, passenger traffic on international and domestic lines increased by 6.8% and 5.5%, respectively, and freight by 8.9% and 2.8%.

In many areas, the development of aviation equipment is based on the forecasts of the world aviation market, which has been regularly prepared by leading foreign companies for the last 30 years. In these forecasts, attempts are made to determine the needs of airlines in a particular type of aircraft, after which the developers choose strategic directions in the design of new airliners. During 2000, the forecasts of Boeing Airbus, Rolls-Royce and others were published. In general, all these forecasts are quite close. Thus, all companies agree that in the next 20 years, the average annual growth rate of passenger air traffic will be 4.8-4.9%, and cargo – 5.7 – 6.4%. Based on this, it is assumed that during 2000-2019, from 15 to 22 thousand new aircraft can be purchased.

So Ukraine has:

Industrial potential for the industry. Competitive products. Potential market.

What hinders the development of the aviation industry in Ukraine today? What measures should be taken to overcome the crisis in the industry?

To solve the problems of the industry, investments and involvement of foreign partners for joint projects are needed. And this can be done really only through a specific attractive project, which is currently the production of AN-70 aircraft.

To begin with, we need to look at the history of the project, which dates back to Soviet times. But they did not have time to start preparations for its serial release. In June 1993, an agreement was signed by the then Prime Ministers of Ukraine and Russia LD Kuchma and VS Chornomyrdin on the joint development and production of AN-70.

Talks about the serial production of the AN-70 have been going on for about three years – since the first basic version of the aircraft was lifted into the air.

During the same period, the hope of Ukrainian aircraft builders relied primarily on European orders. Europe has been preparing and is preparing to abandon American products (which, according to experts, are outdated and do not meet the needs of NATO and European military forces) in favor of one of the European alternatives. These alternatives are actually narrowed down to two aircraft: the AN-70 aircraft made in Ukraine and the A400M made in France.

Although the affiliation of these projects to certain countries is quite conditional – both projects are interstate. The A400M was presented at the tender by the Franco-Spanish-German consortium Airbus Military Company.

The Ukrainian project is also far from being national. The pan-European version of the AN-7X is a joint program of the Russian-Ukrainian consortium STS, which includes 13 companies, and the German consortium AirTruck, which consists of 9 so-called mid-level companies. By the way, one of the strengths of this project is a well-thought-out scheme of production cooperation of companies from Ukraine, Russia and Germany.

Today, the fact of winning the tender of the A400M aircraft is actually obvious. And this is considered by many to be a political decision made under pressure from countries such as France and England. After all, for NATO and especially for a country like Germany, the benefits of the project are undeniable. Working together on the AN-7X could be an important step towards establishing interdependence between west and east in the field of industry and arms development, which will fundamentally reduce the risk of military conflicts on the continent. In terms of technology, Germany received not only all the design documentation necessary for the production and after-sales service of aircraft, but also the opportunity to perform its final assembly.

The main advantages for Germany lie in the economic sphere, because the implementation of the project requires less costs from the federal budget than any other project. To date, 12.9 billion marks have been allocated from the budget for the purchase of a transport aircraft. For this amount, you can buy and put into operation 75 copies of the AN-7X, while other aircraft only about 40.

As we can see, Ukraine has something to enter the aircraft market. However, this is hindered by such factors as:

The problem of finding partners. A narrow range of promising projects. Lack of funds needed to differentiate production and strengthen independent positions in the market.

The problem should be solved in the following areas:

Differentiation of partners and markets. That is, we need to focus on both new partners in the West and Russian colleagues with whom we have established contacts and mutual understanding. In order to enter the Western market, it may be necessary to develop partnerships with Eastern and Central European countries, future members of NATO and the European Union,which will strengthen Ukraine’s political position in decision-making by European political and military circles.

Product differentiation. It should be carried out in the direction of development of those projects which are already developed by the Ukrainian enterprises and are ready for serial production. These projects have already been mentioned in previous sections – many of them are promising and do not require large financial injections.

Development of the domestic market, which is currently virtually absent in Ukraine. However, the introduction of certain new solutions, such as the development of interesting leasing programs, cheaper production of small transport aircraft may eventually stir up this market.

Market and products are two closely interrelated concepts. Without one there is no other. Therefore, it will be correct – first to find a “market” and only then create products for it. And if the products meet high quality, then it will always be in demand in this market. Our market is quite traditional. First, these are the CIS countries, where the aircraft of the ASTC. Antonov has a wide application. For example, the main aircraft on many airlines are the An-24, An-26, An-32.

With these aircraft in Ukraine and especially in Russia, modern foreign analogs cannot be compared, because there are no specialized airfields under them, while our aircraft are not required in Siberia. That is why our partners are traditionally Russians, we work with them and create equipment taking into account the peculiarities of their market. As well as our markets can be called the Far East, Middle East, Africa, India, China. Today, more than a thousand of our planes fly in these and other regions of the world.

As for Western Europe, we have certain difficulties in the development of this region, because there have traditionally established their developers and manufacturers of aircraft. But we also present our developments in Western markets and have some success there. And, making quality products, we will find our customers there as well.

As an example, we can note the fact that negotiations are currently underway with the Czech Republic to purchase the AN-70 aircraft. It is still, we can say, not a western market, but not an eastern one. When developing new technology, we always ask the question – what is it created for? That is, the aircraft is designed to work, it must be cost-effective. Then there will definitely be demand, and hence the market.

The aviation industry has state support.

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